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Partnering with You for a Better Life

"... what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" 

- mary oliver

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Jen's goal is to help you live your best life-- one optimized by whole foods, soothing herbs and fulfilling lifestyle modifications. She structures a personalized wellness plan based on your needs, goals and timeline.  Her focus is on the individual as a whole and aims to work with them to regain balance.  We all deserve harmony.


Through her doctorate program, Jen has identified the best advanced labs to hunt down toxins, nutrient deficiencies, or other root cause that may be impacting your biochemical pathways which are correlated with healthy mind- body- spirit functioning. Altering nutrient ratios or compensating for deficiencies can often be the simple change that makes all the difference.

Jen specializes in supporting those in stressful careers and/ or healing from change, stress & trauma. She works with clients to balance the gut, soothe chronic symptoms and improve sleep. 

She is passionate about personal empowerment and supporting your health-care agency.  



Vitry Wellness Clinic Model

Jen Vitry, MS, CNS, LDN - Wellness Consultant

Our goal is to optimize your health and support symptom-reduction through natural means. Tracking down those systemic anomalies is our job—and we do it with precise, advanced testing to help expedite natural solutions to upgrade your life. Our bodies function on cycles and appreciate seasons. Very specific changes to the diet with additional foods, protein adjustments, or a new herbal remedy can sometimes be the simple answer to life anew.

In this holistic practice, we take the whole individual -- physical, mental & spiritual-- when considering symptoms and chronic conditions.  We look at core imbalances, lifestyle, biomarkers and metabolic pathways/ networks through our personalized nutrition care practice.  Integrative healing begins and ends with the individual as a whole.  Good health leads to boundless rewards.

* See our Instagram for fermenting, wild-crafting, and recipe ideas.  THIS FALL: community health classes, herbal products and creative cooking classes  and discussions on healthy lifestyle, organic gardening, meal planning with some community building.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a progressive health application utilizing a bio-chemical systems approach to identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. The Institute for Functional Medicine provides education and meal plans geared to foster support for body system breakdowns and whole-body recovery.  We can utilize many of the IFM's meal plans and we embrace the IFM's guidance. 

Lab Work

We offer testing that can identify nutrient deficiencies through organic acid tests, microbiome imbalance through GI mapping, along with testing for food sensitivities, candida, hormone imbalances, and toxins such as mold or heavy metals. 

We also offer nutrigenomic testing for genetic SNPs such as COMT and MTHFR. These sophisticated tests can help us uncover sources of dysbiosis or chronic symptoms and provide quick insight to potential solutions. Our goal is to identify places where specific foods or lifestyle adjustments would be best placed for your optimal health!

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