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Twenty years as a forensic science investigator on capital cases trained Jen to hunt down biochemical cues to interpret the body's systemic anomalies. As a mitigator, Jen worked with thousands of stressed and traumatized individuals where she gained first- hand experience with effective herbal medicines and the necessary “intentional” process that trauma healing demands.

Her love of plant- based healing stems from her ceremony work with Shipibo shaman and entheogenic plants.  Also, Jen has spent years studying energy- based healing techniques and is a reiki master.  Jen is therefore able to consider your energetic status when suggesting alignment adjustments with diet, supplements, life style modifications and overall health. 

Jennifer Vitry, MS, CNS, LDN
Education & Affiliations



​-  Doctoral student, Clinical Nutrition, 2025

- Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)-                  American Nutrition Association, BCNS

- Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist- Maryland


- Master of Science- Clinical Nutrition &       

    Integrative Health, Herbalism Minor

    Maryland University of Integrative Health

- Herbal Series: Herbalism Energetics &             Application- Rosalie Apothecary

- Reiki Master- Usui Shiki Ryoho - lineage of     Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. G. Love.

- BA, Tulane; Forensic Science Certifications


- American Society for Nutrition (ASN) 

American Nutrition Association (ANA)

- American Herbalist Guild (AHG)

- Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine

- National Association of Nutrition             

     Professionals (NANP)

- American Holistic Health Association 

- American Academy of Forensic Science

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