Effective Packages For Your Holistic Wellness Journey by Vitry Wellness Effective Packages For Your Holistic Wellness Journey by Vitry Wellness

Effective Packages for Your Holistic Wellness Journey

We're here to support you every step of the way.

The path to feeling better starts with a thorough understanding of what's going on inside your body. Our tests are designed to be as efficient and timely as possible. We want to identify your symptoms and concerns swiftly so you can start your journey to wellness sooner rather than later.

Financial barriers shouldn't stand between you and your health. We accept Care Credit and offer their financing in-house, allowing you to spread out your payments over 18- 60 months with deferred interest.

Our packages are carefully tailored to meet your needs, no matter where you are on your health journey. Whether you've recently received a diagnosis or are managing a chronic condition, we have a plan for you. These packages combine precise tests and supportive visits to help us pinpoint the most natural and efficient treatment strategies for you. Ask about our sliding scale options.

Package 1

90 min intake consult + 3 follow up sessions


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Ideal for newcomers wanting a wellness change:

  • 90-minute initial intake consultation including intake forms, anthropometrics, assessment of 3-day food diary & suggestions

Package 2

Assess & Reset (W/ Advanced labs)


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Best for recent diagnoses, sudden life changes and adjustment support for reaching goals

  • 90 minute intake + 2 follow up sessions (3 visits)
  • Coaching session with nutrition structure support,
  • Functional medicine advanced labs (2):

Package 3

Deep Dive with Structured Support (W/ Advanced labs)


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Deep Dive with Adjustment Plan Package: Best for finding the roots of chronic conditions, ADHD, mood and energy support thorough advanced testing and establishing a routine that works

  • 90 min intake + 4 follow ups (5 sessions)
  • Coaching/ nutrition support (2 visits),
  • Functional medicine advanced labs (4):
  • Metabolomix screen (nutrients, toxins, methylation) & GI Map (microbiome, parasites screen w/ H. pylori and zonulin) which identifies types of bacteria (beneficial vs optimistic)
  • Wellness panel 
  • Food sensitivity panel (IgG)

The advanced testing highlighting root causes with precision nutrition and lifestyle therapies allows for real change and substantial health benefits.

** Financing available to help you find real solutions and implement them optimizing your health

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Package 4

Month membership (W/ Advanced labs)


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6- Month-Membership: Best for those with time constraints, needing a quick but thorough root-cause assessment for chronic condition with longer visits for extended support to ensure balanced implementation (ideal for ADHD, chronic GI conditions, toxin recovery)

Package 5

Three 30 minute follow up wellness consults


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Best for returning clients wanting extended support: three separate 30-minute holistic wellness consultations or follow-up sessions with nutrition, lifestyle modulating, and herbal guidance.

Meet & Greet chat

20 minutes

@ US$0.00, By phone

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Initial discussion to assess whether we are a fit. This is ideal for those who want to discuss their needs up front or to hear more about my services and this process. Feel free to schedule a 20 minute Meet & Greet with me free of charge.

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