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Food as Medicine

What we eat, how we eat and how often we eat affects every aspect of our lives: relationships, emotions, energy, perspective, fulfillment. Food might be the most important decision you make each day.  It has the ability to heal us, to support us, to balance us. 


Implementing a thoughtful plan of what and how we consume our fuel ensures that we thrive, not survive.


We are learning that plant-food constituents heal dis-ease, boost the brain, mediate moods, improve immunity and counteract stress effects.  Whole, unprocessed foods are the answer.  Let us help you make that food plan that fits your health and your life.


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Medicinal Plants

Herbal medicine has long-been utilized as healing agents since the dawn of mankind. Plant constituents and their extracts have powerful effects on the body, helping dysregulated body systems find their homeostasis.


Phyto-therapy works in harmony with the body, producing minimal side-effects. Evidence suggests that plants and animals co-evolved, as we often borrowed protective metabolites from a plant's defenses to heal sickness.  This natural evolution enables plants to work harmoniously with our body's process. 

Herbs soothe our sensory system, enact our immune function, relax our rigid reflexes, apply adaptive abilities and tone our tissues, and so on. These plants also are innately aware of how to work as companions sometime assisting another herb with its effect.  They are gentle on the body and always work to restore systems and organs to a balanced state. Herbal medicines are synergistic healers. 

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Herb Plants
Brewing Tea
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