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Holistic Health Care

Conventional medicine utilizes a reductionist perspective, treating various conditions in isolation.  There can be a need for this type of "acute" therapy. However, often the underlying condition goes unidentified, manifesting again.

Holistic healthcare aims to treat the whole person with an integrative approach, focusing on identifying the root causes affording relief and a higher wellness.  Using whole, unprocessed foods, vitamins, minerals and herbs, the body can often return to homeostasis. At a minimum, studies reveal a reduction in symptomology for many chronic conditions which often respond to this type of synergistic healing.

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Nutritive Needs

Feeling foggy brained lately?  More easily irritated or distracted?  Fatigue creeping in early in the day? These are symptoms that often can be addressed with a focus on certain foods high in specific nutrients or by adding an herbal tea that supports stress adaptation and improves the mood.

Our bodies need a unique combination of macro-nutrients (protein, good fats & carbs) in addition to many micro-nutrients (such as calcium, selenium and zinc) to function optimally. We are each very unique. 

Our goal is to ensure that your body takes in these nutrients through food & natural supplements for optimal functioning.  Aging does not have to correlate with decreased functioning.  You can feel better each day!

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Super Health Food
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