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Forest Stream


Find your nature...

Nature holds the same electric currents that we do.  Engaging with nature allows us to calibrate our frequency to that of the trees and hummingbirds instead of the car horns and internet drama.

Somewhere out there-- there's a specific Nature for You: Ocean, Forest, Mountain, Field, River, Park, Wetland, Bayou...

Make time to find your Nature. Studies show that time spent in "green space" can greatly reduce symptoms in mental health and chronic conditions along with metabolic disorders. This is the easiest way to curb those systemic concerns.

* * *

Lake and Mountains Landscape
Hiking Boots


Most systems in our body are in movement at all times: our heart beat, our cellular energy creation, our firing neurons, our gut-brain communication, our lymphatic system, and so on.


Equally, nature-- from moon & stars to the earth & sea-- is also constantly evolving each moment.  Finding some movement in nature connects our energy with nature's rhythms


Finding that equilibrium will bring alignment and healing to all parts of the mind-body connection. We are here to help support this journey in whatever way serves you best.

* * *


Rustic Beach Path


Wish you had more peace despite your chaotic and demanding life?  Wish you were less reactive in stressful moments?  Wish there was more time for reflection?

Being in the present moment with nature, we take in Her bounty and beauty--  granting us more peace, wisdom and capacity. 


Communing expands our capacity and the space we give ourselves in the world: to learn, for mistakes, to heal and for compassion.  Let us support your journey with nature to express that healing potential. The peace and rewards are immeasurable. 

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